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Best Directory Submission Sites for SEO

Best Directory Submission Sites

Directory submission sites are resources where you will see organized list of sites based on niche or subjects. Furthermore, it is one of the easy ways to influence your SEO results. Sure, directory submissions are very boring, but they’re totally worth doing!


Web Directory Submission Facts

  • The age of web directories is greater than search engines (It came first).
  • As the directories are moderated by humans, it has some relevancy. URL’s are submitted by site owners rather than gathered or spider’ ed.
  • You will not be classified into a wrong category as everything happens here humanly.
  • One disadvantage is, the information available might be outdated. It is because of the long age of directories.
  • Some of the directories possess very good backlinks. This makes it easier for your website to be visible for indexing.
  • Dmoz is one of the popular web directory submission sites. Google recommends adding your site to this directory. However, it is extremely difficult to list your website on Dmoz.


Criteria to Select a Good Directory Submission Site

  1. Select SEO friendly directories. Check online for relevancy.
  2. Should be cached and indexed by Google, hence we can confirm the quality.
  3. Check for the latest additions. If the latest post added is not in recent months, then skip those directories.
  4. Make sure to list on less number of directories from a single IP.


Top 10 High-Quality Directories

dir.yahoo.com – launched in 1995 and has a page rank of 8.
www.dmoz.org – launched in 1999 and has a page rank of 8.
www.lii.org – launched in 1998 and has a page rank of 8.
www.business.com – launched in 1998 and has a page rank of 7.
www.botw.org – launched in 1996 and has a page rank of 6.
www.sunsteam.com – launched in 1999 and has a page rank of 4.
www.jayde.com – launched in 1996 and has a page rank of 4.
www.cannylink.com – launched in 1997 and has a page rank of 3.
www.chiff.com – launched in 1998 and has a page rank of 3.
www.qango.com – launched in 1998 and has a page rank of 3.


More Directories here (DA>40)

Directory Name URL Directory DA
Dmoz dmoz.org 96
Scrub the Web scrubtheweb.com 79
Directory World directoryworld.net 74
So Much somuch.com 70
Jayde jayde.com 68
R Directory rdirectory.net 65
Dmoz.in.net dmoz.in.net 65
T Section tsection.com 62
Free Website Directory freewebsitedirectory.com 60
Wwwi wwwi.co.uk 58
Vie Search viesearch.com 58
1 Abc 1abc.org 57
Business Seek businessseek.biz 53
Cipinet cipinet.com 51
Directory My Link directmylink.com 51
Directory Fire directoryfire.com 50
Pro Link Directory prolinkdirectory.com 50
Pedsters Planet pedsters-planet.co.uk 50
Amray amray.com 49
Gain Web gainweb.org 49
Link Book linkbook.pcgraphicsolutions.com 49
The Web Directory the-web-directory.co.uk 49
Scrabble Stop links.scrabblestop.com 47
Submission 4u submission4u.com 47
Suggest URL suggest-url.net 46
Elite Sites Directory elitesitesdirectory.com 45
Inteligentd inteligentd.com 45
Linkpedia linkpedia.net 45
1 Webs Directory 1websdirectory.com 44
9 Sites 9sites.net 44
Synergy Directory synergy-directory.com 43
Wikid Web wikidweb.com 43
247 Web Directory 247webdirectory.com 42
Pi Series piseries.com 41


More Directories here (DA<40)

Directory Name URL Directory DA
Nexus Directory nexusdirectory.com 39
The Net Directory the-net-directory.com 39
Linkdir linkdir.info 35
Best Free Websites bestfreewebsites.net 34
Suggest Site suggestsite.net 34
Nipao nipao.org 33
Sighber Cafe sighbercafe.com 33
Digg Directory diggdirectory.com 33
10 Directory 10directory.com 32
Vision Web Directory visionwebdirectory.com 32
Xysyst xysyst.net 31
SEO Free Links seofreelinks.com 29
Dir4uk dir4uk.com 28
PR Web Link prweblink.com 27
Royal Link Up royallinkup.com 27
Aditya Webs adityawebs.com 27
Directory Books directorybooks.com 26
Leading Link Directory leadinglinkdirectory.com 25
Answer Spots answerspots.com 25
SEO Up Link seouplink.com 25
Directories.cf directories.cf 25
Good Useful Links good-useful-links.com 23
Vision Web SEO visionwebseo.com 23
UK Listingz uklistingz.co.uk 22
Web Apps Directory webappsdirectory.com 21
Find Website findwebsite.net 21
Local Success localsuccess.org 20


In Conclusion:

Finally, there should be no doubt about the relevancy of web directories as it always boosts your online presence in some ways. In terms of exposure, it always does well for your site when you are at the starting point. Some good quality directories can even boost up your sales as well. When compared to other link building techniques, it is somewhat an easy method to do directory submission for SEO.

Note: You can use these directories for any sites because almost all of them are general directories.


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