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The Best Free Email Marketing Tools of 2017

If you are a starter in email marketing programs, then you have a lot of tools out there free of cost. Not all email marketing tools provide full features; still, there are some which do so. Using these email marketing software’s really helps in your campaigns. If you see positive results, then you could also opt for other paid plans as well. Most of the tools offer free trials, and if the price is the concern that you have in doing these campaigns, just start with the following free email marketing tools listed below.

Tools required for an email marketing program

  • Copywriting Tools
  • Coding Tools
  • Testing & Tracking Tools
  • Email & Social Tools

Copywriting Free Email Marketing Tools


  1. The Hemingway App

Hemingway App

This application makes your writing much more clear and bold. Every potential writing error is color coded so you can address them easily. You can see an explanation of each color coded error type below. High graded readability is a guarantee using this application.

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp Email Marketing Tool

It is actually a paid tool, but it has some free features like “Subject Line Researcher”. The struggle for writing a creative subject line is no more, just click on “Research subject lines” in MailChimp. It’s kind of like Google’s Keyword Tool, but for email marketing.

Coding Free Email Marketing Tools


  1. Litmus Scope

Litmus Scope Email tool

This tool, “Litmus Scope” is a free service that helps to create a clean, web-based version of any emails, with desktop and mobile previews. Sharing email campaigns and codes in a single click is now possible between peoples because there are options in this tool which allows capture and forward campaigns using the bookmarklet instantly.

You can also use this tool as a “code Inspector tool” to look behind the scenes of a received email and see how they had done it. There is also a “community” section in this free email marketing tool to learn, grow and educate each other about the marketing emails. Litmus PutsMail helps you to see a fully functional preview of your campaigns.

  1. FreeFormatter

Free HTML Formatter

After the completion of above tool, you will get the template that works. To simplify complicated designs and tables, still, you need this tool which lets you format and validates it to your indentation level. Also, lets you export it to file.

  1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text Editor

Email coding is getting a better and more professional, not all the people will be a pro in coding. This tool is a powerful text editor and does an excellent job of email coding. The possible errors or unwanted details can be found easily using this tool because it color codes the HTML files accordingly.

Testing & Tracking Tools


  1. Visual Website Optimizer

This is an important tool in the case of email marketing. This tool shows us the probability and outcomes of the campaigns as case studies.

Testing Duration Calculator Tool

A/B Testing Duration Calculator: This feature helps you to calculate the duration you need to run an A/B test to attain statistically good results. This is done based on the parameters such as your current conversion rate and a number of visitors that are taking the desired action.

  1. IsValid

IsValid Email Marketing Tool

Analyze the results of A/B tests here. IsValid will let you know if you’re ready to make a decision on the test and the exact percent improvements. Results will automatically load when you add details in the required field, a simple task but very much important.

  1. Raven URL Builder for Google Analytics

Raven URL Builder Tool

With this tool, you will be easily able to setup and configure Google Universal Analytics codes for your advanced tracking needs. The custom variables can be tagged into the links in emails. This helps us to identify how much traffic these links are driving compared with other channels promoting the same links.

Email & Social Tools


  1. RyanSolutions Social Sharing Link Builder

RyanSolutions Social Sharing Link Builder Tool

This is actually a hotel marketing tool, but it will help you to build out links with pre-populated text for sharing them on social media pages. Doing this will unite your cool social media and experienced email marketing. Thereby encourage sharing from email.

I would recommend you to use all the free email marketing tools referred here. Who knows which one works best for you!

FYI, Vertical Response, ExactTarget, Silverpop and Marketo are some of the famously paid platforms. Actually using these tools have a combined advantage of getting all the above features like marketing automation tools, list building features, customizable email templates and more to help you get the maximum out of your email programs. Let me know what tool I missed in the comments.


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