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Google SEO Tips for 2017

SEO is now becoming more and more complex as Google’s modifications are making it complicated with the release of every update. The only thing that we can do is try and find new methods to achieve the highest point in Google search. The methods that I am going to share here are simple but very much important in SEO senses. Now that, all the things are happening online, an advanced and alerted approach is needed to be a part of SEO family. Go through our list of simple Google SEO tips and tricks that can be used in 2017, very much effectively.

Google SEO Tips


Simple Google SEO tips for 2017

Track a wide selection of keyword rankings: Before selecting a keyword for your blog, do some active research on the relevant topic and compare it with the future competitors.

Make sure your contact information is up-to-date: In order to receive a high amount of reliability from users, you need to be well addressed in the contact area. If you have certain hits receiving at your contact page it will be always taken as a positive mark by Google. Also, make sure you won’t be having the contact us page as the “exit page” as well.

Do you have enough content? : Google always tells us that the “Content Is King” and it is what everyone should improve to get the recognition from Google. So make sure to have enough quality contents with a moderate readability. Always focus on Global Users, and write the contents considering peoples from all part of the world (Simple English).

Do you have enough external content? : There should be external sources available for your website to be linked and marketed as needed. Social profiles, video blogs, and photo sharing websites all can be considered as these external sources.

Put your site in a secure HTTPS mode: It is obvious that the security profiles will be higher if we use https mode. But if you are a blogger and is depending on Google Adsense income, then keep this apart and move on with the other Google SEO tips.

Check your competitor’s backlinks: If you follow the above steps accordingly, you can see your competitors using external SEO tools like afhref, seositecheck, moz and so on. You can check the backlinks of your competitor here, create a list of good quality backlinks and link yourself to them.

Some of the free SEO tools are referred here

More Simple Google SEO tips for 2017

Analyze your own backlink profile: In regular intervals, you should check your back links for the quality control. Sometimes back links can be toxic to your website. Clear it ASAP!

Create long, engaging content: Try to make people engage in your blog. Ask questions in your website also refereeing an answer just after each question. It is better to answer it on your own website. This can also increase the page views easily.

Name and tag your images correctly: According to the latest updates, Google looks for the title and attributes of an image on a website. Never leave a picture naked and always name it with good keyword centric terms.

Monitor your reviews & ratings: If you are using a service or product oriented websites, try to add a section for users to review and rate. This is an excellent way to identify the needs of improvement.

Pay attention to Google Analytics: Unlike other third party tools, Google analytics are showing fewer features. But according to the SEO point of view, Google analytics is the tools that can be monitored to improve the quality of your website. Using this tool alone can make serious changes in SEO matters.

More Simple Google SEO tips for 2017

Don’t be afraid to link out: Link building is still a good way to increase the popularity of your website. The quality and relevancy must be good enough otherwise it will do no good to your website. So link your website as much as you can to the high-quality pages on Internet (Eg: .gov, .edu, .org websites)

Make sure your site loads fast: This is one of the most important Google SEO Tips. Sometimes loading the page faster could lose potential visitors for us even if we have the best quality contents.

Create & embed video: YouTube is one the potential place where lots of visitors are coming daily. There are lots of video blogs similar to YouTube. Add as much as videos relating your content on these websites. Whenever you add new contents to your website, try to make a video on it and share it on video blogs.

Be active with your blog: Always keep your blog updated and engaged with fresh contents. Always make it engaged with the addition of fresh contents or interacting with the potential users.

Build internal links within the body of your pages. One of the finest tips to increase the page views. A user always seeks for new information, so once they came to your website, try to give him as much as information. Posting links to related contents or recommendations on your article can increase the visitor’s time on your website.

More Simple Google SEO tips for 2017

Be patient: Never expect to skyrocket your visitors in short amount of time. There will be up’s and downs in Internet marketing. So always be patient for the best to come. SEO is a method of trials and errors now, apart from some of the on-page optimizations. So it will take the time to reach the completion.

Submit your sitemap to Google & Bing: Submitting sitemaps is the best way for the search engines to index the website pages. It comes under the on-page optimization section and is very important for a website.

Be active with your social media profiles: Including social profile pages in your website can do well. Some people judge the quality of your website looking at the social engagements happening on a website. Now it has become a fashion that people looks for the social profiles to check the genuinity of the website.

Is your website as mobile-friendly as it could be? : According to the latest update from Google, voice search is becoming a part of SEO. Voice searches mainly happen in mobile browsers, so the need for mobile friendly websites is mandatory.

Following the above methods, could make your site a super responsive one. Give yourself a pat on the back and wait for the results that will be coming shortly. These Google SEO tips are simple but not at all avoidable.


Thanks for reading the Google SEO Tips for 2017!!!


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