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Ideas For Social Media Content Optimization

Social media is one the easy process of gaining traffic or attention from potential customers. Without any previous insights or experiences, it would be challenging to getting started with social media content optimization. Here is a list of ideas that you could implement for posting in social media.

The Best Ideas For Social Media Content Optimization Are:

Pictorial Contents


  • Quotes. Inspirational, humorous and motivational quotes always do well.
  • Questions. Post basic and simple questions that members can consequently answer.
  • Fill in the blank posts (for e.g. “If I had a Ferrari I would _________”)
  • Polls. “Which of these movies is your favorite?” kind of questions.
  • Official photos. Take candid pictures of your employees, yourself or snap a pic of your workspace or office.
  • Post an image as branded. Change a funny or inspirational image into branded using your logo or website URL on it. Then post!
  • Infographics. Create and share infographics relating your contents that your followers would appreciate.
  • Product photos. It would be better to follow these kinds of examples. Eg: an employee actually using the product, a customer given photo, etc.).
  • Fan photos. Search for hashtags or terms related to your product, and share a customer photo on the media.
  • Product production photos. Share photos of your products being manufactured.
  • Share pictures from a recent industry event. Using hashtags will get maximum exposure in social media content optimization.
  • Create and post a photo collage.

Blogs & Other Links


  • Link to a guest post. Share and give maximum visibility to the posts you contributed to other websites (Guest Posts).
  • Link to a controversial blog post. A negative approach could also make serious social engagements.
  • Post a link to an old blog post. Just as Old is Gold, you need to keep all your blog posts live.
  • Share a helpful resource. Sharing others useful resources makes a good genuine feeling in the mind of users.
  • Ask for input on your products. Ask followers to give their thoughts on the improvisation needs of your products.
  • Link to case studies.
  • Link to your most popular blog post. Share your popular posts and give a brief intro.
  • Random posts like day to day activities can show that you’re a real person. Eg: post about dinner, your weekend outings or anything.
  • Link to a blog comment. Post a link to any particularly helpful or controversial comment on your blog.
  • Post a link to old newsletters. Doing this could gain new subscribers.
  • Share series of posts. As we do it on our blogs, we should do it on social media as well.
  • Use your website analytics to find content ideas and as a result, know about the topics that generate the more interest on your website.
  • Sharing a comic or meme can get your customers to laugh with you starts a great way to build relationships.
  • Post a video testimonial: Sharing video reviews or asking your followers to share their own video testimonials gives a good exposure.

Information Mediums


  • Find out the trending Google search & share: Using Google Trends you can see your website related Google Search Trends. Collect and share it as a social media content optimization tip.
  • Tag another Facebook page: Help others thereby you will also get helped in some situations.
  • Share a trending Twitter topic. As we do in Google, you can also search popular contents on Twitter as well. Collect all and share that are related to you.
  • YouTube video. Collect the videos which are inspirational and share it with your members or fans.
  • Pinterest for you. Find beautiful images and share it by giving proper credits.
  • Share a Pinterest board. Create and share a Pinterest board via Facebook or Twitter, doing this will gain members to your board.
  • Post a Slideshare presentation. There is a ‘Trending in Social Media’ section at the bottom of the Slideshare page.
  • Share popular Reddit topic: As the above, check the Reddit’s “Trending Subreddit” page to find trending and popular topics to post about.
  • Host a Google+ hangout. Create it and promotion on social media channels will alert needed.
  • Post a link to a relevant Facebook or LinkedIn page/group. There will be lots of similar groups or pages, where you can post your links accordingly. This must be done based on the ranking factors prescribed by Google.

You can read about the complete list of Google’s 200+ Ranking Factors here!

Members Based Social Media Content Optimization


  • Ask for reviews or testimonials
  • Ask for advice on critical or clinical problems.
  • Hold a photo contest via voting sessions. Also, share the winning ones.
  • Fan of the month: Thanks to the most involved member and award them.
  • ‘Caption this’: Ask for the funny and creative caption to make members involved.
  • Profile an employer: Share as much information as you prove your business reality.
  • Always thank your fans for messages or small rewards.
  • Ask your members for content ideas because it would increase social profile engagements. Sometimes you may get rare ideas as a result.
  • Make the members active in charitable equations.

Recommendations & Tips


  • Find and Recommend tools: If you find a free tool that could gain your members, do share them.
  • Recommend your favorite products: Always share your well business driving services or products in social groups and pages.
  • Recommend a colleague on LinkedIn: Recommend and encourage peoples to be linked each other.
  • Share random tips: Eventually, you should share some tips or tricks relating day to day life or your business. Share a work/life balance tip.
  • Weekly roundup: Also at the end of each week, post a list of the articles that are highly relevant and a must to read.

Question and Answers


  • Let the members as you anything.
  • Start and hold a debate on social media
  • Ask for predictions (general or business related) and share it to reach maximum views.
  • Conduct and promote live Q&A sessions to answer member’s questions.
  • Find and answer relevant questions on Quora and answer it, you can share those answers on social media.
  • Post a ‘truth or fiction’ question: It’s a funny task; let the members talk it out about the” truth or fiction” thing.
  • If you see a question that comes repeatedly, then you should share it on social media.
  • Always try to be in touch and make conversations with an industry leader, tag them and share it on social media.

Current Affairs


  • Share the latest breaking or interesting industry news
  • Also, share country specific holidays. A full list of worldwide holidays can be found online.
  • Any changes in your business, employees, new hours of operation, new product offering, etc should be shared without delay.



  • Offer a free eBook which always comes handy in social media content optimization.
  • Promote someone else’s sale like coupons or complimentary businesses. Consequently, you could increase your brand recognition among other companies.
  • Promote an industry related live or online events.
  • Promote your products or services. First of all, use social media to establish trust, build relationships and build your reputation as an industry expert. As a result, the promotion of your products or services is boosted.
  • Celebrate odd holidays with your members: For example, June 17 is Apple Strudel Day. Check online for other similar holidays.
  • As a promotional video, create teaser content and share it on social media.

Product Based


  • Share information on post product sale notices. Eg: sharing important safety information
  • Also, you could post the results of unexpected or creative use for your product.

Research Analysis


  • First of all, learn about industry researchers and share links to your members.
  • Use Flipboard, create and share a compilation of industry news stories
  • Offer expert insights into relevant topic based on your niche. This could help you to establish yourself as a leader in your own field.

General Ideas (Responses)


  • Share a funny commercial
  • Always respond to a tag or mention positively.
  • Share an opinion on matters relevant to you. If somebody else is already given you response, then tag them and give your support.
  • Make the members feel lively by sharing a funny or interesting story from your life.
  • Predict speculations based on your niche and share it with your members. Ask for their response as well.
  • Initiate conversations with the experts in your niche and share their views as quotes in your profiles.


If you have any new social media content optimization idea that would want to add to this list. Let me know it in the comments section below.


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